Veterans Day 2020 Complete Detail

here are many people out there who are confused about Veterans Day that why is Veterans Day on November 11th means what the reason behind celebrating this day is. Well, if you are the one who is wondering why this day is essential, why is Veterans Day on November 11? And why do we celebrate it then let us clear it to you? 

First of all, you need to think about this day a bit so that you can get your facts clear. See, the freedom you are enjoying today is because of thousands of sacrifices of the Army men, who did not worry about their lives but our freedom. Let’s start talking about why is Veterans Day on November 11? 

veterans day complete history

Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day On 11th November? 

Furthermore, in 1918, when the United States was at on first world war, many people were dying. At last, the main hostilities of the United States Ended on 11th November. And, the first world war also ended. 

After passing one year or in 1919, the president of the United States was Woodrow Wilson. He said to his countrymen that you should remember the veterans who have died in the war. Moreover, he also said that you should celebrate 11th November to honor the veterans. 

On this great day, all the people of America make some activities related to Veterans Day. They make a banner about the history of this day. Moreover, they also make a banner about the importance of this day. 


Furthermore, all the people say happy Veterans Day to each other on its celebration. They go to the soldiers to meet them and also give some gifts to them. Some patriotic make sweet dishes for the veterans near them. 

And, patriotic appreciate the soldiers and their families. All the patriotic know that they are not safe without soldiers. Due to the soldiers serving, they live a freedom life. The people of the United States use social media apps to say happy Veterans Day or something else to soldiers, who live away from them. 

veterans day history

Is Veterans Day Always celebrated On November 11?

Earlier it was celebrated in the last week of October, but later it was shifted on the 11th of November. From then, this day is being celebrated on November 11th each year. But if this date comes on Saturday or Sunday then it will be celebrated on the adjacent Friday or Monday, and the federal holiday will be on that day as well.

Why Is Veterans Day On 11th November? 

As far as the celebrations are concerned, there is a lot more to do on this day. For example, you can take part in the parade that is being held all across the country. You can also take part in many other ceremonies, students learn patriotism in their schools as some of them are opened on this day just for the sake of celebrations in the school.

What Countries Celebrate Veterans Day On November 11th?

As you can notice that we have a common history, but this day evolved in a different way all across the globe. It is being called by many names and is celebrated differently, and it may not even be marked on the same date as well.

Let us see what countries celebrate it and how. 

  • It is a public holiday in Canada and they celebrate this day with full honor.
  • It is also celebrated in the Cayman Islands where it is observed on the second Monday in November.
  • As far as the U.S is concerned, it is celebrated on November 11th each year.
  • In the UK, a moment of silence observed on 11th November, but there is no public holiday and the closest Sunday to 11th is considered to be the Veterans day for them.
  • New Zealand and Australia also get all the events are done at Gallipoli and the celebrations of this day are considered to be the most important ones for the people living there.
  • France and Belgium mark this day a federal holiday and they celebrate it with full honor. Parades can be seen all across France, and the grand parade can be seen in Paris at the Arc de Triomphe.

Happy Veterans Day 2020

As it is a Federal holiday in many places, the schools remain closed as well as the offices. If somebody is required to do work on this day, then it’s his choice that he will accept it or not. Moreover, if he accepts to work on this day, then he will get an extra salary of working on this day. 

So, this was all you needed to know about this amazing day. We celebrate in honor of all the Veterans. We do this to let them know how much we regard their efforts and bravery in the war, and even if they had not fought one, we regard their services. You should celebrate this day with complete gratitude and thankfulness to the Veterans to let them know about your affection towards them.

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