SGI-USA Honors Veterans Day

Remembering Veterans Day, the SGI-USA Military Personnel Group will have a cross country online class on Nov. 15 (subtleties beneath). This social affair, themed “In Pursuit of Peace,” is available to all SGI-USA individuals, just as their loved ones.

A board of SGI-USA individuals from across the U.S. will share their encounters and talk about existence in the military as Buddhists. A significant part of the conversation will be founded on Ikeda Sensei’s book Hope Is a Decision.

The mission of the Military Personnel Group is to help individuals in the SGI-USA people group who are deployment ready assistance individuals retired folks and veterans.

The gathering additionally centers around drawing in with youth visitors.

Week after week early on Buddhist gatherings are held at more than 40 areas.

including the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates School in Virginia and fundamental instructional hubs for the Air Force, Army and Navy.

Every Sunday, youthful enlisted people in preparing can go to a strict help. This has brought about almost 20,000 youth picking SGI introduction gatherings consistently. They hear encounters, learn Buddhist ideas, do gongyo and recite Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. A large number of these young have gotten the Gohonzon and are effectively rehearsing with the SGI people group.

Rex Taylor, the co-head of the SGI-USA Military Personnel Group, clarified the motivation behind these introduction gatherings.

We need to empower every one of these youngsters to grasp the Gohonzon and the sgls humanistic way of thinking.

while at the same time staying protected all through their vocation arrangements.

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